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Sports venues score with digital menu boards


Sports stadia are increasingly employing digital signage, and not only for the obvious tasks of informing patrons, keeping them in touch with the game while they’re away from their seats, and providing branding opportunities for partners. They are also recognising that digital menu boards at their concession stands can increase sales and allow the food-and-beverage offer to be easily altered to suit the varying demographics attracted by different events.

Sports venues score with digital menu boardsAt the 65,000-seater Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, for example, this year’s overhaul of food choices, graphics and signage by concessionaire Aramark also ushered in digital menu boards. Both the stadium’s 24 concession stands and its array of mobile carts now have 42-inch screens, mostly displaying menus and offers, although some show information and entertainment to occupy patrons waiting in line (as pictured).

Texas Digital supplied its VitalCast system to drive the 80 centrally-controlled screens and also designed their layouts to match the venue’s eight contrasting concession concepts.

“Digital menu boards are a perfect solution for facilities like the Alamodome that manage multiple menus”, said the firm’s president and COO Dennis Davidson.

The price is right

A similar rollout at the new Estadio Omnilife in Guadalajara, Mexico, which opened at the end of July, also mixes menus with other content. Each of the 28 concessions has three 37-inch Samsung displays – two carrying menus, and one for live games and promotions.

“They give us the ability to change our menus to fit the customers’ needs in the stadium at any given time. For example, we can have a different menu and pricing for a soccer game and a concert”, said Susan Fink, managing director of Eurest Mexico, catering concessionaire for the 45,000-capacity venue.

Indeed, in just the first two days of the stadium’s operation the menus were varied to provide fare appropriate first to the opening soccer match pitting Club Deportivo Guadalajara against Manchester United, and then to a corporate event for the stadium’s owner.

U.S. firm Allure Global Solutions supplied the technology for the Guadalajara stadium, which also has a separate network of 850 HDTV displays ranging from 14 to 32 inches in boxes and public areas.