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LED Mesh Curtain Video Wall

LED Mesh Curtain Video Wall Catalogue

File Name: led_mesh_curtain_mirage_video_wall.pdf
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Date: 30. July 2010

LED Curtain Mirage Video Wall

The Vegas LED Screen’s new LED Curtain Mirage now comes up with the engagement of making the video panels curving as needed! Nevertheless as the LED Curtain Mirage, features of thinness, seeing-through, waterproof and lightweighted, to provide easy and fast implement with the friendly hardware/software interfaces.

The LED Curtain Mirage scientific structure makes the assembly of even super-large systems fast and simple, cutting cost and time. SMD RGB LED pixels provide a more uniform, flawless and ultra sharp images, with high permeability and good performance. The LED Curtain Mirage features as well in high light output for indoor & outdoor stage background of grand performance, full color video or graphics display, video wall on high buildings.

LED Mesh Curtain Video Wall Catalogue
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