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LED Studio Software V12.23 - LEDStudio12.23.exe

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File Size:19.93 MB
Author:Vegas LED Screens
Date:13. June 2013

LED Studio, version 12.23, is a LED display software with powerfull funcions, including the LED display software setup. You must have the new 8G control system... (This software needs to install media player). Sequence number: 888888, the password of the hardware: 168, administrator's password: 888.

What´s New in LED Studio 12.23

  • Timing instruction table end time correction.
  • Text window line height correction.
  • Weather forecast window correction.
  • Score Manager the 24-second chronograph function.
  • Text window "Enter an integer" bug fixes.
  • Improved "database window" Add "the background color and font color of the entire row".
  • Improved MBI5050/1/2/3 support.
  • Improved the pumping function of the line.
  • Improved MY9266/8 support.
  • Improved chip MY9269, MBI5045 support.
  • Improved with temperature control receiver card nine generations of display.


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