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Vegas LED Screens Quality Explanation and Comparison


Vegas LED Screens Quality Explanation and Comparison

Below you can find the comparison of the main components we use for our LED screens compared to other LED screen companies and factories. There are many ways to lower the cost using cheaper materials like LED lamps with iron leg or low quality power supplies.

  • We are using high quality materials & parts to ensure the reliability of our LED Screens from the very beginning;
  • Full automatic production lines with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities;
  • Rigorous quality control from the raw materials & parts inspection to final inspection with advanced testing equipment;
  • Our expertise and know-how on LED displays;
  • Experience gained from many installed systems worldwide.


ItemComponentsVegas LED Screens' ChoiceOther Factory's Choice
LED LampLightning Chip
  1. LED manufacturer and packager by Nichia
  2. LED manufacturer and packager by Cree
  3. Top grade Silan with bigger chips
    (high brightness and less power consumption)
Fake lamps or unprofessional encapsulation
Lamp LegOnly use Name brand Copper legsUse copper legs or iron legs with unknown brands
Encapsulation GlueOnly use Name brand from TaiwanDomestic Brand

Lamp Board &
Driving Board

PCB BoardName brand; Grade A materialDomestic brand, normal Grade B material
ConnectorCopper plated with goldCopper plated with nickel
Driving ICOriginal Taiwan Macro BlockDomestic unknown brand
ResistanceTolerance ± 1%Tolerance ± 5%
CapacitanceHigh temperature resistance, up to 150 degree CelsiusNot-high-temperature-resistance, only 90 degree Celsius
Fastening ScrewStainless steel with platingIron with plating
Anti-Water GlueName BrandDomestic Brand
  1. PC + fiber glass (good weatherproofed) - regular screen
  2. Soft silicon rubber - for perimeter LED screen - Grade A material
  1. ABS or recycle PC
  2. Grade B material
Anti-water plastic glueLow-temperature resistance siliconNormal Silicon
Cabinet &
Cabinetmaterial: high quality cold rolled steel (1.5mm standard)
or Aluminum metal sheet 5052 (2.0mm standard)
Thinner Material
Rust ProofElectrostatic sprayingStoving Varnish
Wires & CablesCertified product;
Real copper core with standard diameter
Non-certificates and standard core and core diameter
Cooling FanName brand and certified productsNon-certificates
Screw & Fixed PoleStainless steelIron with Zinc / nickel plating
Power SupplyPower Supply

Brand Names:

  1. TDK - Lamda (Japanese Brand)
  2. Meanwell
Meanwell or other brands like mingwell


Facts about Parts used for building LED Screens

Below you can find some very important facts about parts that are used for to build LED screens for to improve lifetime and picture quality.

Name Brand: Meanwell or TDK - Lamda power supplies

We are using name brand power supply for all our LED screen projects. Meanwell and TDK - Lamda power supplies for LED screens are lightweight high-efficient power supplies switched by high-speed semi conductors.

Extra protection for LED Screens from louver

The louver itself will protect the LED screen from direct exposure of sunshine; our louver is made of fiber-glass reinforced PC (except the sports stadium screens), which is strong in both compressive loading and sensible strength by combining the two materials PC plastics and glass fiber. It has much better performance against high temperature, erosion and UV radiation, in comparison to ABS.

For sports stadium LED displays, we are using louver made of soft silicon rubber, which are both protection for players from getting hurt if pumping on LED displays, and seemly protect LED displays itself from being damaging if a ball hits the LED displays at high speed.

LED lamp Brands for LED Screens

We purchase Cree LED lamps and Nichia LED lamps encapsulated by their own factory; for Silan lamp, we also use a professional packager. Also our output of LED displays could be very high per month, this means we have quite large purchasing volume of LED lamps at one time, which could ensure our good bin selection of LED lamp i.e. large volume LED lamp under the same lot and grade. Hence it could ensure the consistence of a single LED display (even in large size like hundreds sqm) using the same lot and grade lamp. This is one of key factors on the consistence of LED display.