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LED Dip Lamp Full Color LED Screens


LED Dip Lamp Full Color LED Screens

In order to ensure that images and texts are clear, vivid and consistent, all the chips for the entire RGB LED screens for outdoor screens within 100 square meters are at the same grade such as the same brightness (±10%) and the same wavelength (±2.5nm). In order to ensure that the screen background becomes matt, and completely absorbs LED refractive light and eliminates shadow and ghosting, we adopted imported glue to varnish the module surface. The glue thickness for each module is not more than 0.1mm. So the color is consistent and uniform.

Product Reliability and Vegas LED Screens' DIP LED Lamps

To ensure product reliability, operability and long life, we select the best chips for all outdoor displays, red chips are from the LED brand Hitachi, and the blue LED’s and green LED’s come from Cotco Cree. Wide applications including stadiums, advertisements, banks, securities exchange, stations, terminals, shopping malls, postal offices, telecommunications, schools, monitoring, restaurants, entertainment, enterprises and so on.