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Outdoor LED Message Signs & Moving LED Signs


Electronic Scrolling Message LED Signs, LED Boards, and Outdoor Digital Signage

Most owners of electronic scrolling message LED signs, LED boards, and outdoor digital signage see revenue growth immediately upon installation of their new scrolling LED banner. You can easily target any kind of customer withthe electronic scrolling LED sign messages. LED screens and message boards can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores and corporate buildings. The applications for these types of LED screens and message boards are many, for example, banks, supermarkets, money exchange, restaurants, churches, movie theaters or any other commercial business.

Electronic Scrolling Message Signs & Moving LED Signs

There is also another type of LED message signage it can also be used for advertisement in public transportations like city buses, subways, street or highway signs etc in this area the LED screen is used to show the destination of the public transport and it can also show some advertisements for different targeted costumers. These types of LED screens can be used indoor and outdoor having features such as water resistant, extreme weather.

The system of LED screen combines optoelectronics technology,communication technology, computer control technology and network technology. It can spread and communicate information via software and make a contribution to the modern information management.

Monochrome LED Displays and Electronic Message Boards

Our Monochrome LED screen has some advantages. These advantages are that the LED screen is very affordable and can create quick revenue. These type of electronic LED message boards means that it only has one LED color. Having only one color does not mean that the viewers of this LED screen will not be shocked and amazed with the quality and resolution given by our product. We have different options for this screen with many varieties of colors that can be manufactured upon request or can be chosen from our extensive catalog.

LED Sign Range and Visibility

The range of visibility are 110 degrees horizontal and 70 degrees vertical this means that it has a wide range of visibility for excellent projection so it can be viewed by the targeted audience at a distance. Brightness of the led lamp has been classified and selected with the best LED on the market. You can also request for any brand of LED of your choice. This kind of displays are also known as Electronic message center (emc) this kind of LED displays are proven to attract many eyes and the attention of targeted audiences , in VEGAS LED screens we assure that your costumer will be attracted with this kind of advertising.

Aplication Electronic Scrolling Messages & Moving LED Signs

It can display characters, graphs, etc., and widely used to issue all kinds of information in public as follows:

  1. Service propaganda in  nances, post o ces, telecoms, commerce, hospitals, sports stadiums.
  2. Policies and decrees issued from government organizations.
  3. Instructions, guidance and information issuance in airports and railways.

Technical Features Electronic Scrolling Messages & Moving LED Signs

  1. Preeminent e ect: clear and stable pictures without distortion and disturbance.
  2. High quality: adopting  rst-class chips and wafers imported from abroad.
  3. Nimble form:continuity, overlying, combination of dynamic and static playing, varius e ects include rolling, moving, typewriting, gradual changing and so on.
  4. Off-line running function: adopting the monolithic design technology and computer string communication way, which can operate in o -line state after setting the dates and revising a data via the telephone line.