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LED Stock Market Ticker Screens and LED Ticker Displays


LED Stock Ticker Screens and Stock Market Displays

Stock market ticker screens and scrolling LED signs stream ticker codes and market data outside buildings and inside stock markets or trading offices. The ticker displays and stock market ticker screens can show also financial headlines and other news which is shown in real time. The LED ticker displays can be incorporated into walls of offices and buildings, and the best thing is that the ticker displays can be curved so it is easier to be embedded into round walls and pillars, or shape them into circles.

LED Ticker Displays Architecture

LED ticker displays are ideal displays for any kind of architecture, they are flexible and can be customized as the client desires. Besides they can create a unique environment to stream live information. The LED ticker displays are available various colours:

  • Mono-color LED ticker displays
  • Bi-color LED ticker displays
  • Tri-color LED ticker displays
  • Full color LED ticker displays

Also the height and length of the LED stock ticker screens can be determined by the client. Most of the time it wont be exactly the correct size due to the modules and cabinet sizes which are fixed, but more or less it can be reached any kind of size. The design of the LED ticker displays can also be determined by the client, for example:

  • Outdoor LED ticker displays
  • Indoor LED ticker displays
  • Horizontal LED ticker displays
  • Vertical LED ticker displays
  • Circular and round LED ticker displays
  • Serpentine LED ticker displays
  • Wrapped corner LED ticker displays

LED Ticker Display Software

To control the LED ticker displays you can use a special software or you can manage it through the internet with internet explorer. With the control system you can program the LED ticker screens with scrolling personalized text messages, scrolling financial data, images, RSS feeds, and news headlines.

The benefit of controlling the LED ticker displays through the internet is that they can be accessed through any computer from any place worldwide. Vegas LED Screens' customer support will be much easier if any problem or doubt exists, and the resolve time will be decreased.

LED Ticker Display Applications

Our LED ticker displays can be used for various applications like trading floors, casinos, retail banks, business schools, corporate lobbies, sports bars, and sporting events.

If you want more information about our LED ticker screens please contact us and one of our sales ejecutives would be glad to help you out with anything you need.