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Semi Outdoor LED Screens


You can save money by getting a semi-outdoor LED screen display because the LED chip has less brightness than the normal full outdoor LED chips. The semi-outdoor LED screens can be used in many places, for example, pool areas where there is a small protection just to cover them from direct rain, this LED screen display can be used as: projection TV where you can show live concerts, live feed LED screen, full color LED screen showing images, advertisement LED screen, stadium screens and score boards, route information and schedule LED screen for bus stops, information on arrival and departure LED screen for airport terminals, LED screen for churches and pharmacies, schools and universities LED screen, etc...

Send us an e mail or call our specialized team in Vegas LED Screens to let us know what is what you desire to do with your semi-outdoor LED screen display and where do you want to install your LED screen display so we can help you make the best choice according to your needs. One of our professional sales executives will take you step by step so you may have all the complete information needed to make the best decision ever.

Semi-Outdoor Modular Screen System

Vegas LED Screens offers solutions using only the highest grade components available within the industry, to provide product quality and reliability. All our semi-outdoor LED screens are produced under strict quality standards and every component is checked and tested prior to delivery. We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive warranties within the LED industry. Our professional team of engineers is available to assist our customers with any large installations and we train your engineers on how to operate the control system and software and carry out general maintenance.

LED Displays Long Distance Control System and LED Display Monitoring

Realize the functions of long distance LED display control by software or optical fiber systems, and then one can control the playing program at your office. With our LED screens it is possible of running and controlling your LED screen directly through fiber optics up to 10 km, or by internet 100´s of kilometers without having any problems. Our LED displays can be shut down and turned on without any problem, advertisements, videos and animations, can be uploaded and programmed through our the desktop sharing function which is included in our LED display software without any problems. The LED display can be monitored by an IP camera placed in front of the LED display.