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LedSync820C LED Screen Video Image Processor


LedSync820C LED Screen Video Image Processor

LEDSync820C is a powerful and high-performance LED front-end video image processing device. It supports the input of multiple kinds of video image signals, able to conduct high-quality image zoom processing, finally connected to LED display in .DVI full digital signal format. LedSync820C contains a special PAL/NTSC video deinterlacing processing chip and 1 high-performance format converting and image zoom processing chip. It can convert video image signal of different types, systems and formats such as DVI, RGB, HDTV, PAL/NTSC compound video and S-video into LED display in high quality, it is the most ideal front-end video image processing device for LED display.

Features LedSync820C Video Image Processor

  • Digital Video Decoder
  • Video Decoder Adjustments (NTSC, PAL) Brightness, Contrast, Hue ,Saturation
  • Adaptive 2/4-line Comb filter for Two Dimensional Chrominance/Luminance Separation
  • State-of-the-art Motion-Adaptive Deinterlace Processor
  • Intelligent Edge Deinterlacing
  • Digital Color/Luminance Transient Improvement (DCTI/DLTI)
  • Advanced 4x4 Pixels Interpolation Scaling Algorithm
  • Advanced 4-symbol LUT for H and V Enlargement Scaler
  • Independent H and V Scaling Ratios
  • 10-Bit Processing
  • User-defined Gamma Value from 0.4 to 3.99
  • 8 levels Output Brightness Selection
  • User-defined LED Window Size and Location by Front Panel Button setup
  • 1 of 8 Sources Directly Selected by Front Panel Button,includes:
    • 1 x DVI
    • 1 x VGA
    • 4 x CVBS
    • 1 x Y/C
    • 1 x YPbPr
  • Audio Sync Switch
  • Seamless Switch
  • Switch Input Source,Change Brightness automatically by Timing Control Plan
  • LED Transmission Card Built-in ability
  • Remote Control through TCP/IP Internet Network
  • 24/7 Application

Specifications LedSync820C Video Image Processor

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (LedSync820C_Built_in_LED_Transmission_Card.pdf)LedSync820C_Built_in_LED_Transmission_CardLedSync820C Built in LED Transmission Card903 Kb
Download this file (LedSync820C_Profile.pdf)LedSync820C_Profile.pdfFull Specifications LedSync820C276 Kb
Download this file (LedSync820C_RS232_Protocol_VLS.pdf)LedSync820C_RS232_Protocol_VLSLedSync820C RS232 Protocol203 Kb
Download this file (LedSync820C_Timing_Control.pdf)LedSync820C_Timing_Control.pdfLedSync820C Timing Control328 Kb
Download this file (LedSync820C_User_Manual_VLS.pdf)LedSync820C_User_Manual_VLS.pdfLedSync820C User Manual574 Kb