P8 Integrated 3in1 SMD Full Color Indoor LED Screen Series


P8 Integrated 3 in 1 Full Color Indoor LED Screen Series

Full color indoor P8 LED screens with integrated 3in1 SMD full color LED block modules as unit is another deeper revolutionary development in the LED screens industry. It shows a super fine and high quality picture on the LED screens and has a much wider viewing angle than the full color dip lamps LED screens. It rejects the deficiencies of the traditional LED lamp outdoor display screens.

The 8mm 3in1 SMD has been the outmost highest pitch of conventional LED lamp display, but Vegas LED Screens has launched a big quantity of 8mm indoor LED displays into he market, bringing people it's best video picture in daytime from a larger indoor distance.

LED Screen Name: P8 Indoor Integrated 3in1 Full Color SMD Series
LED Class: Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
Pixel pitch: 8mm
Cabinet Size: 768mm(w) X 768mm(h)

LED Screen Advantages

  • High resolution of indoor full color LED display;
  • Integrated encapsulation is blessed with higher reliability;
  • Good color mixture from far or very near distance;
  • Good color consistency transparent picture;
  • Good picture uniformity;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • Higher contrast ratio;
  • The most economical and rational solution for 3 in 1 full color technology.


LED Screen P8 3in1 SMD Specifications

Below you can find the technical specification of the P8 Indoor LED Screen 3in1 SMD.

  Indoor LED Screen P8 3in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch 8mm
Working Voltage AC220V±10%; AC110V±10%
Power Consumption Max 500W/sqm
Average 320W/sqm
LED Brand Epistar LED Chips
Maximum Brightness > 1,800 cd/m²
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel Size 3mm×4mm (ellipse)
Pixel Density 15,625 Pixels/m²
Drive Mode 1/8 or 1/4 Scanning
Grade Level RGB 4096 grade/each
Best Viewing Distance <6m ~ >150m
(20ft ~ >492ft)
Viewing Angle Horizontally >160° / Vertically >130°
Screen Lifetime ≥ 100,000 hours
Driving IC MBI5024
Refresh Frequency ≥ 400HZ/s
(1,000+ HZ/s available)
Change Frame Frequency ≥ 60Hz
Protection Level IP20
Control System ¹ Simple LED Video Control System
or Advanced LED Video Processor
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +45°C
(-14°F ~ 113°F)
Relative Humidity 10%~90%
Screen Weight Steel: ≤ 28Kg/cabinet (62 Lbs)
Aluminum: ≤ 55Kg/cabinet (110 Lbs)
Input Signal RF S-Video RGB RGBHV
YUVYC, etc.
Brightness Adjustment ² 256 levels of each color (RGB) can be adjusted manually and
8 levels of each color can be adjusted automatically.
LED Module Size 512mm x 128mm (20″ X 5″)
(32 pixels x 32 pixels)
LED Cabinet Size 768mm X 768mm (30″ X 30″)
(96 pixels x 96 pixels)
Cabinet Material Steel or Aluminum
Package Material Wooden Case
Warranty ³ 3 Years

  1. WIFI/LAN/WAN/3G/WIMAX control system available upon request.
  2. Intelligent multifunctional card available with automatic brightness sensor to save energy including outside temperature sensor.
  3. Two years warranty extension program available.