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Attract More Paying Sponsors at Your Next Event by Using Large Mobile and Rental LED Screens

With increasing competition for sponsorship, event planners for sporting events, special events, fairs and festivals often struggle to break-even, let alone show a profit. For the majority of these events, it is becoming more and more challenging to lure in new sponsors, and equally challenging to retain the ones that have supported them in the past.

Now there’s a new way for event planners, coordinators and directors to capture in-kind and cash contributions by using large LED screens and a new marketing technique called “narrowcasting.” Narrowcasting is the ability to reach a focused group of consumers in a controlled environment. This is very different then “broadcasting”. Here is why. At home, when a commercial appears on the TV screen, that is your cue to get up and get something to drink or eat. The exact opposite is true at an event. When a pause in the action occurs at a live event, it is “prime-time” for the sponsor. This is your opportunity to make them shine and give them huge recognition for stepping up and making this event one that people will attend for years to come. How can you prove to prospective sponsors that a large LED screen will be more profitable for them than a traditional “banner on the fence?” Here are three suggestions to use in your discussions with potential sponsors: