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Stadium Screens & Sports Displays


Stadium Screens & Sports Displays

The stadium screens and sports displays are masters in showing publicity and game scores. With a public of a complete stadium plus that the games are showed on television the quality has to be superb. Our in-stadium LED advertising is powered by the famous outdoor LED sports displays which uses 3in1 LED technology to improve the horizontal viewing angle to more than 160 degrees. With such a super wide viewing angle it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements that can be showed at once.

Sport Perimeter LED Displays for Stadiums

Sport Perimeter LED Displays and LED ScreensThe soccer field stadium sport perimeter LED displays will bring about a recurring revenue stream for any operator or sponsor that have engaged on our products. Our sport perimeter led displays edit any live streams, advertisement or perform any scoreboard funcion on real time basis.

In addition our system could be installed over different types of ground surfacesrather than only cement based surface as can be seen with other sport perimeter LED displays. This will turn into saving installation costs and a better viewing by the audience.

Stadium Screens and Refresh Rate Frequency

The refresh rate frequency for our stadium screens, sports displays, football stadium screens and perimeter displays is over 800 Hz, so no static will be shown when recorded by a television camera and broadcasted on television. This means that with a high refresh rate frequency our stadium screens and sports displays can display flicker free video images, which includes live video feeds.